Like Life, a Waterfall is Always on the Move and There is Always an Uneven Flow to it

Powerful rain storms continued to wallop Northern California this week, increasing water storage levels in our reservoirs not seen in many years, and forcing dam operators to release water to reduce flood risk. There were flash flood warnings in low lying areas and power outages two nights in a row in the gated community where we live.

Awhile back, some of you who live locally took my advice to visit the Vasona Dam Spillway when the cascading waterfalls surged 10 feet high. Yesterday, the surge was over 20 feet height and 30 feet wide. Before I realized it, a vaporous veil of mist overtook me. I was drenched from head to toe—and loving it. The roar of the turbulent waters was so great I could feel its powerful vibration. Like life, a waterfall is always on the move and there is always an uneven flow to it. I met a Vietnamese immigrant who barely spoke English but we had no problem communicating, agreeing to take each others photo while celebrating this graceful moment in time and space with a fellow human being.

Today, at long last, the sun came out. I took our niece Annabel, a University of Michigan senior student, visiting us from Ann Arbor, MI to 8 AM yoga class. Afterward, sharing the experience of the waterfall with her. The fury and intensity of the surge had eased, but was more accessible, less perilous and still amazing to witness.