A Lesson in Beauty & Stillness at the Lake behind our Home

Here in the light, filtering through perfect forms, arranging itself in lovely patterns for those who perceive beauty—Roy J. Cook.

I was so captivated by this pose of the Cormorant, I moved about to capture this moment while trying not to disturb its private reverie.

It's been said that birds spread their wings to dry their feathers and regulate their body temperature, but it could very well be that they sun themselves in this fashion simply because it feels good. Then again how to do you measure the intention and mood of a bird?

Imagine being free as a turtle where everything you own is on your back-the shell that houses your body.

I imagine it saying: "SPEED DOESN’T MATTER, travel at your own pace, you’ll arrive to your destination soon enough. Be like me—at ease in your own shell."

Being led along the way where the land kisses the shore, that place between movement and stillness, carrying all It needs at all times—wherever It goes. Poking its head out when it wants to eat or moving and drawing it back-in when he wants to chill and relax.