About Me

Hanging Loose in Maui with my wife Cecile (2016)

Hanging Loose in Maui with my wife Cecile (2016)


Hi there, my name is Dennis!

It all started when...

I was in my late 30s. I was like so many success-driven workaholic professionals, executives and entrepreneurs resisting unwanted change. I kept telling myself if I could only reach that magical state of bigness I'd break out of this mid-life malaise. Then one day I walked away from it all to pursue a new path of inner exploration that led to a renewed sense of vision and a more creative and meaningful life.

About my posts

How to be the author of your own life; living your life like a creative art form; how to deal with the inevitable ups and downs more creatively; becoming one with nature; creating more pleasure and joy in your daily life; becoming a citizen of the world and making your travels more meaningful; how to turn stress, chaos and anger into equanimity; how to employ kindness and gratitude to enrich your relationships with family, friends and yourself; and, how to silence the inner critic that keeps you from discovering new creative outlets.