Daisy Gets Her 15 Minutes of Fame

“Every dog must have its day.”—Jonathan Swift

Daisy was featured in the Paw-Gress Report publshed by the June, 2018 edition of Rinconada Hills Register.
Walking Ms. Daisy helps keep Cecile and I fit. We clock up to three miles a day taking her on the winding trails where we live. The photo accompanying her bio was taken by our son Jason when he first adopted her six years ago. I added a few other photos to this post.
She loves to sunbathe on the patio or a cozy spot indoors where she can find a sun spot. 
Recently, Cecile bought her a hooded cave bed that replicates the feeling of being in a cave. Nestling in a tight enclosed space seems to provide her a sense of comfort and security. As a thin-furred dog who gets cold easily, the cave bed retains heat and keep her warm.
This is perfect for dogs like the Daze who love to crawl under blankets.
I hope you enjoy her story.