Enjoying Authentic Southern Italy Cuisine with Friends at Doppio Zero

“Ideas are like pizza dough, made to be tossed around.”—Anna Quindlen, author and journalist

Thanks to an enthusiastic thumbs up from a friend, Cecile and I changed our dinner plans with Susan and Nelson Bye to give Doppio Zero (DZ) in Cupertino, CA a try. The words Doppio Zero means “double zero.” It dates back to a 200 year tradition of authentic Neapolitan pizza-making using the lightest and finest grade of flour.

There is nothing like Italian hospitality. Once you walk through their doors, Doppio Zero’s goal is to have you “become part of the extended famiglia italiana,” where you are invited to relax, eat (manga) and enjoy.

Though Neapolitan style pizza put them on the map, DZ offers a diverse menu of Compania style cuisine based on inexpensive ingredients like pasta herbs, fish, vegetable and fish. Compania runs along the gulf of Naples and Sorrento and is home to picturesque towns with strong cultural traditions that always caught the attention of artists and poets. During the Roman period, the region was a hot spot for the rich whose breathtaking villas dotted the coastline.

Our Italian waitress Chiara (means light) who served us well, made every effort to speak with us in between attending to the bustling crowd of Italian food lovers. Most of the young and energetic male waiters are from Italy as well.

The mission statement of DZ is to make sure your leave with a full stomach and a full smile. In this regard they did not dissappoint.
For starters we shared a Pulcinella oven-baked pizza that contains San Marzano cherry tomatoes, eggplant, fresh mozzarella, basil and pesto; and Trecciolina Salad: Organic Arugula, hearts of palm, tomatoes, shaved Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, mozzarella in lemon avocado vinaigrette; Brussel Sprouts with pancetta, parmigiana region and red wine vinegar. Cecile and I shared a dish of Spaghetti Bottarga: Fresh Spaghetti, roasted garlic, olive oil, cured Fish Roe, fresh salmon, lemon zest and Italian chiles The Byes shared entrees of Eggplant Parmigiana and Spinach Ravioli with wild mushrooms, ricotta and fondue truffle sauce. 

While waiting for dessert I texted a photo of all of us to our daughter Michelle and son in law Kyle who are currently in Rome. By the time we got home, it was morning in Italy and Michelle sent us a text back greeting us with "Buon Giorno," and photos of the gastronomic delights they indulged themselves with during the first two days of their arrival. Aside from planning to visit their old stomping grounds in Florence where they went to a school abroad program while at Cal Poly, they are intending to revisit Naples, the heart of the very pizza-making techniques we had just experienced. 

We all shared a delectable Tiramisu and Panna Cotta. By this time we exchanged a few pleasantries with DZ's affable manager, Francesco who is originally from Reggio Calabria, a ferry boat ride to Sicily, home of my ancestors. (photo). I shared stories of my Sicilian roots and our visits to family in the Amalfi coast, Torino and Rome. He offered us a complimentary shot glass of Limoncello before we called it a night.

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Buon Appetito!