Nazanine Bain: An up and Coming Silicon Valley Yoga Teacher With Heart

…“An amazing yoga teacher is a beacon of light who is willing to share that light with everyone around them, making their class a special place to be.”—Anna Coventry

Nazanine (pronounced nah-zah-neen) is a common Persian name that means “sweetheart, lovely and delightful." If you speak to her students, friends and teachers, they will all agree that the name fits her perfectly. 

Born in Los Gatos, she was introduced to yoga by her beloved mother at the tender age of 16. Little did her mother know the introduction would change the trajectory of her daughter’s life. Now 36, Nazanine describes her yoga practice as being a “Vehicle for her personal Transformation.” She firmly believes it can assist anyone to become a healthier, happier, and a more authentic, conscious human being. “Yoga creates the atmosphere for bad energy to exit the body so that good energy may enter and enliven it,” she says.”

I first met Nazanine Bain about two years ago, when she took over the class from a popular and well-respected yoga teacher I had been taking classes with at Courtside Bay Club for many years. As a certified yoga teacher back in the day, I can say without reservation it is not easy to replace a teacher that students revere. However, it wasn’t too long before Nazanine won over the hearts and minds of a growing body of students who support her brand of yoga. A year later another beloved yoga teacher decided to give up her class due to health issues and again Nazanine was embraced as the new instructor. 

In my thirty years of practice, I have seen instructors come and go and have a good sense who has the “right stuff,” to become a great yoga teacher. My first impression of Nazanine was her sincerity, presence, preparation, winning personality and her ability to connect with students at the heart level. Her sheer energy and joyful presence that fills the room inspires you to want to practice yoga even when you’re not particularly in the mood. If that doesn’t motivate you or put you at ease, her infectious giggle will. Whether you’re a first time student or a seasoned yogi, she has a gift for making everyone feel connected and bends over backwards to be of service. Even though some of the photos seen here could easily make the cover of Yoga Magazine, Nazanine leaves her ego at the door. She knows it’s not about her own practice but rather to lead and support students in doing asanas (poses) safely and suitable for their level.

Nazanine received her 200-hour Flow Yoga teacher certification at Yoga Source in Los Gatos, CA and completed her 500-hour teacher training at “Breathe Together Yoga Studio" (formerly called “Breathe”) that was co-founded by Jennifer Prugh, whom she calls her primary yoga teacher mentor.

But, the greatest teacher in her life is her precious two year old son, Mackai. “As a single mother, he teaches me patience, unconditional love, the meaning of ‘letting-go’ and how to enjoy the simple things in life,”’ she says. “If there is anyone that lives entirely in the present moment it’s my son,” she proudly adds.

Nazanine’s training has evolved to include a broad variety of yoga styles including Power Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Gentle Yoga, and Restorative Yoga to name a few. She teaches classes at Courtside Bay Club, and St. Mary’s, a private school in Los Gatos. On the corporate side, she leads classes for employees at Apple Computer. She also teaches one-on-one private lessons. 

With a deep passion to learn, improve her skill set and share the latest trends in yoga, Nazanine has taken special training in “Yoga Nidra,” often referred to as “Sleep Yoga,” a powerful meditation technique that can be practiced by young and old alike, and can easily be incorporated into your daily lifestyle. It instills a deep sense of inner peace and leaves you feeling relaxed, present and thoroughly rejuvenated. It’s just another tool in Nazanine’s yoga toolbox that allows her to better serve and support her students.

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Photos: of her postures were provided courtesy of Nazanine.

Photo:   of Nazanine and I doing a double tree partner pose outside the Mind-Body Studio at Courtside last summer just for the fun of it.

Namaste’! 🙏❤️🙏