One Lucky Dog, a Monkey god & Other Meaningful Coincidences

“When you live your life with an appreciation of coincidences and their meanings, you connect wth the underlying field of infinite possibilities”—Deepak Chopra

While attending a medical conference in LA this weekend, Cecile and I met a woman named Sue who manufactures and distributes nutritional supplements from Vietnam where she works and lives. I was attracted to her booth by a rather large familiar looking wood puppet, propped up on her display table. As I got closer I noticed it was Hanuman, the mighty monkey god in Hindu mythology that symbolizes, physical strength, perseverance, devotion, and how to face and overcome adversity in life. 

I noticed a number of coincidences were beginning to unfold. For example, Sue told me she bought the puppet in Myanmar (Burma), a place where I have visited over the years to study and practice mindfulness meditation. Her manufacturing plant is in Southern Vietnam where my son Jason and I visited years ago, and where Cecile and I will be touring in 2018. While we continued to talk, a cute golden dog joyfully popped out from behind the table to say hello. “What’s his name,” I asked? “Lucky,” she responded. “My first dog while growing up in New Jersey was named Lucky,” I said. She told us her dog was 6 years old. She took him in and helped nurse him back to health after he got hit by a motor scooter and was thrown to the curb and given up of for dead. He was a 1 month old puppy at the time. Lucky has been her faithful companion in ever since.

I have been journaling and archiving coincidences off and on for over 25 years. We have all experienced them in our lives that cause us to scratch our heads and say, ‘Hmmm, what a small world.” Or, “What are the chances?" For example, you think about an old friend you haven’t seen in years, and few moment later they call. Or, you are drawn to visit a place you haven’t been before, and wind up meeting the love of your life. 

While getting ready for bed, I noticed I left my bag with books and special reports from the conference on the concierge floor where we had appetizers and drinks. I hopped in the elevator and encountered a chef. I told him what had happened. “No problem, we will find it for you,” he said. As we entered the lounge, he checked with his staff. It turned out the items I left behind were turned in to “Lost and Found.” He escorted me down to the basement to retrieve them. On the way back to my room, he recommended the service elevator. I asked him what was his name and where he was from. "Paolo. I'm from Italy,” he said. “What part,” I asked? “Milano,” he answered. Cecile and I had been there. We spoke about my mother’s good friend who was a pastry chef in Sorrento. “Ah, the Amalfi Coast is the best," he said. He escorted me to my door, we shook hands and I said, Molte Grazie, and Buona Notte (Thank you very much and good night!). “Prego and Buona Notte,” he said. The lines of connection and this curious encounter didn’t escape me.

Sometimes coincidences can be a cause of joyful amusement, and other times have significant meaning to the observer. One thing that is certain, the phenomenon of meaningful coincidences will continue to fascinate believers and skeptics alike. I’m grateful to count myself among the believers.