Celebrating the Grand Opening of Cafe’ Vida at Bay Club Courtside-our Active Lifestyle Resort Facility

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”
—William Arthur Ward

Cecile and I attended a celebration for the Grand Opening of Cafe’ Vida at Bay Club Courtside, an 88,000 square-foot active lifestyle resort facility that we have been members of since the late 70s. We partook in the live entertainment, a Margarita station, multiple bars and delicious tapas-style food service stations that were strategically placed around the familly pool deck. There were colorful decorations everywhere including two white “Unicorn" floaties in the family pool that added a mythical feel to the festivities.

Other than the gastronomic delights, some of the photos taken include the band, Cecile and I and our long time friend Rose whom we have done yoga and Tai Chi with for years; my friend AJ in the striped blue shirt and blue cap, whom I affectionally refer to as the “Zumba King,” for his love of dancing and the ladies. He and Robyn VanderLuit, Vice President and General Manager of the Bay Club Company (not pictured here), opened up the first dance number of the evening. Then there is Jose, a food-service leader, always with a smile, preparing the salad with his co-worker. Finally, The photo of Gurpreet and his lovely wife Sarah—with the colorful Mexican Hat—who happen to be our neighbors at Rinconada Hills.

The desire to improve one’s diet and embrace heatlhy living has moved our society to seek out nutritious and tasty alternative eateries such as Cafe' Vita. We feel very fortunate that our resort club owner was cognizant of this healthy trend and arranged to provide it's members with one of it's most enviable offerings. Cafe’ Vita provides California fresh and Latin-style dishes with a unique blend of spices and herbs. The emphasis is to avoid the use of heavy oils and sauces. It is simple fresh tasting food that is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. “Vida" is Spanish for life and love, and there is plenty of both that goes into their food. The owners of Cafe’ Vida—who have several restaurants in Southern California—have stayed true their name and mission statement: “Food is the mainstay of social and cultural events, not only does it provide nutrition, it helps faciliate connections between people…its all about enjoying life.”

We feel so blessed to be members at Bay Club Courtside. Other than the occasional weekend getaway, we never feel the need to go away on vacation during the summer months. 

The facility boasts three heated outdoor pools including a lap pool for adults with luxurious, reclining, cushioned- chaisse lounge chairs, and bright yellow mediteranean umbrellas. Other amenities are group exercise classes, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, indoor basketball court, a state of the art fitness center with some of the best personal trainers, coaches and instructors. There is also a business suite, locker rooms, a meeting room, childcare center, the “Sanctuary Spa,” a jacuzzi, steam and sauna, “The Shop” for leisure and fashion apparel; and my favorite, the “MindBody Center,” for yoga, meditation and tai chi classes.

As I thought about the white Unicorns floating in the pool, it made me think about what these mythical creatures represent: Opening up to infinite possibilities that surround us at all times. Many fail to notice these possibilities that abound. Unicorns give us the “eyes to see” them. Thanks to the owner of the Bay Club Courtside and it’s management for their vision to not only see the possibilites but to implement them for us members to enjoy!