Doing Yoga Poses on the Dock of our Pristine Lake at Rinconada Hills

"Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists."


Performing two classical poses, Warrior l and Warrior lll in the early morning on the wooden dock of Rinconda Hills, in Los Gatos, CA, a gated community, where we live. The peace and stillness of the lake and the habitat around me provides the perfect backdrop to practice these strength and balancing poses. When I'm not doing my daily yoga practice with my wonderful teachers at Breathe Together Yoga and Bay Club Courtside, I walk the trails of this wonderful abode three times a day with Cecile-my best friend and wife of 40 years-who also does yoga and our son Jason's dog Daisy. My other passion is blogging about my day-to-day experiences with a sense of deep joy and gratitude. Whether doing yoga on or off the mat, It's all yoga to me, and this wonderful refuge provides plenty of inspiration. Namaste' everyone!