Good Food, Good Wine, Good Friends, Good Times at Dio Deka Greek-Inspired Restaurant

Cecile and I had a relaxing Dinner with friends Mohssen (Mo) and Simin at Dio Deka Restaurant at the Los Gatos Hotel, on Main Street. The origin of the name Dio Deka comes from the address which in Greek is 210. Coincidentally, 210 also happens to be the area code for Athens.
Dio Deka is known for its warm and relaxing setting with old-world hospitality and great Greek inspired Mediteranean food. The Michelin-rated eatery has a casual yet elegant ambiance with a San Francisco charm and presentation. There is plenty a space between the tables with a Kitchen view from wherever you’re seated.

We began our meal with a Greek Sampler Dip comprise of dollops of: tzaziki, taramas, htipiiti and tirokafteri served with
fresh warm Pita wedges that were rubbed with oil, rosemary, salt. We also enjoyed baked lamb meatballs with ouzo-tomato sauce and fresh melted myzithra cheese,
carmelzed mushrooms with herbs, and Greek salads with a variety of fresh vegetables and feta cheese.

For our entree’s we had Branzino, a European sea bass, with green vegetables and reoated potatoes

I took as much pleasure eating watching Mo eat his mesquite grilled Dorad as eating my Branzino. Dorad is definitely for the patient and adept eater. It is served whole with lemon and herb stuffing. The bones keep you from rushing through your entree. It reminded me of eating with my Sicilian grandfather who was a fisherman and skilled at deboning his fish.

Did Deka has a 58 page wine list with over 1,200 choices that will make you dizzy. Think expensive at three times retail. Don’t even think about bringing your own wine unless you are willing to part with a $35 corkage Fee. I chose a moderately priced Pinot Gris.
For dessert, we shared traditional Greek Beignets, tossed with Thyme-Honey Syrup with Cinnamon and nuts.

Dio Deka offers intimate outdoor seating and complentary valet, though some street parking available.

Postscript: Mo and Simin, who are both hard working real esate agents for Coldwell Banker will always hold a special place in our hearts. They helped us downsize two years ago from our estate home in Saratoga to wonderful, easily maintained townhome in our gated-community at Rinconada Hills. We share the same family values and enjoy a good night out. They gifted us two bottles of their private label wine, Mosimona Cabernet, the grapes of which are harvested from their estate vineyard.