Celebrating Jason's Birthday at Steamer's Grillhouse

As parents, when we wish our sons (and daughters) a Happy Birthday, we realize the words mean so much more than have a happy day. It means we love you, we celebrate your birth. It means we are happy that you’re here, and wish you much more happiness this and every day—this and every year. 
Jason’s choice of Steamers’s Grillhouse to celebrate his 36th birthday—couldn’t have been better. Over the years we had frequented this 4 1/2 star restaurant in the heart of downtown Los Gatos, CA, and were never disappointed.

His dear friends Julie and Alex arrived and were escorted to join us at our table near the front window in the more spacious and quieter corner of the restaurant.  
I had to agree with one patron visiting from the UK who said Steamer’s Grillhouse, “Had the look and feel of a Parisian Brasserie.”

And, author and food writer, Christina Waters, who I was acquainted with back in the day, describes the restaurant this way: “From it’s floors and polished hardwood tables to its lofty terracotta ceilings, the all-new, all-huge Steamer’s is a babe…Glowing coral rooms radiate out from a central serpentine bar, whose polished curved wood is repeated by a curved ceiling…the restaurant offers seating islands decorated with impeccable tropical plants.”

We ordered cocktails. I had my usual Moscow Mule in a signature copper cup. We clinked the rim of our glasses in celebration of being together in honor of Jason’s birthday.
For starters, we shared a platter of Crispy Calamari and Ahi Tuna Tartare.

For our entree Cecile grilled Organic Salmon, I had the grillled Fresh Alaskan Halibut with veggies and roasted potatoes. Julie had seared scallops with risotto, Alex had swordfish, and the birthday boy had linquini and blue wild prawns. The food didn’t disappoint. 

Our waitress uncorked a bottle of Michael David Winery Freakshow Cabernet Sauvignon that Alex brought to share. The provocative and whimsical label portraying a big circus tent and the "strongest man," in yellow tights lifting owners and brothers Michael and David Phillips up in the air, with hot air balloons in the backdrop was equally matched by the rich and riotous full body taste of the wine itself. 

All and all, the food presentation was spectacular, the ambiance was elegant, yet casual, the waiters and staff provided outstanding service, and in my humble opinion the company was was exceptional.🙂

Now it was time for something sweet. All the desserts were freshly made on the premises. Cecile and I shared the decadent Tirimisu cake. The waitress brought Jason’s molten chocolate lava cake with a lit candle. He flashed that million dollar smile of his, before silently making his birthday wish.

Happy Birthday son, and enjoy your travels in Spain tomorrow!