Brunch and Bonding Time with my son Jason at the Bell Tower Cafe'

This charming Saratoga neighborhood eatery near downtown is housed in a converted historic church that dates back to 1896.
And, in spite of its religious heritage you don’t have to pray that the food you are about to be served is good. It “is” good. The white egg Persian Omelette with four organic eggs, basil, tomatoes and feta cheese is one of my favorites. Jason had the California Omelette.
The Cafe’ sports three patios with optional fresh-air dining that is peaceful and serene and welcomes and accomodates dogs. They are only open for breakfast and American-style lunch, including an assortment of tasty desserts showcased in their bakery display case. The Cafe’ is known for quick and friendly service and the freshest of ingredients.
I couldn’t resist ringing one of the 9 antique bells on the iron stand in the quaint reception nook as patrons waited for their names to be called.
While pausing half way through our meal, I saw a sign on the wall which read, “The Fondest Memories are made Gathered around the Table,” and, all I can think of was how nice it was to have my son back in the Bay Area.