She was our rock, steadfast and strong.
She had a sharp wit and infectious laugh like no other.
She was a dreamer who left an poor village in Sicily in 1947 for a new life in America. I discovered her first Passport (see photo) she used to get aboard a Merchant Marine Clipper that nearly went down in an electrical storm.
She was married to my dad for 65 years before she passed.
She began her life as a seamstress for a local garment factory and also worked from home. I used to help her sew closure hooks on fur collars when I was young.
Among other things she taught us to respect our elders.
She sent whatever extra money she could muster to her mom and dad. She loved us to a fault and wanted the best for me and my siblings.
She left no debts and a life full of fond memories.
She was beautiful but humble and kind unless you crossed her or messed with her kids🙂
What I remember most is our many trips to the old country to visit the relatives. The photo of her and I was taken at her best friend's Villa in St. Agatha in the Amalfi Coast in 1984. We love and miss you mom.
Thank you for all you did for us and encouraging me to get an education at a time when I was ready to drop out of college and supporting my goals in every way. Were it not for you I wouldn’t have had the wonderful family I have now nor the success I have achieved. You were the best.