Cecile and I Attended the Glass Pumpkin Patch Exhibition at Stanford Shopping Center

These Walker and Bowes glistening colorful blown glass beauties are a visual feast. They capture the light perfectly and make great gifts for friends and family. We spoke to one of the artists who told us it takes five years to begin to get proficient at glass-blowing. Back in the day when I used to do Drop in life drawing and painting sessions of models at the Palo Alto Art Center, I had the opportunity to see blown glass exhibitions created by students and participating artists.

The work and installations shown in these photos are the work of husband and wife team, Michelle Walker and Bobby Bowes who reside and work in San Jose, CA. The first Glass Pumpkin Patch was conceived by Bobby in 1995.
Focusing on the glassblowing techniques by the great Italian masters, these one of kind pieces sit in the homes of
many private collectors and have been featured in the Triton Museum of Institute and Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., and the Palm Springs Desert Museum. They benefit non-profit organizations for children, communities, education and organizations such as the MIT’s glass studio and the Corning Glass Museum.